Spring Cleaning

I’ve returned from my most recent hiatus from this blog.

I have a new blog name to match up with my Instagram name, I’ve been spending time on there whilst on my blog hiatus.

I’ve also just completed a major clean out of my Cosmetics stash, mainly for the purpose of purging out all of my MAC products.  I plan on writing a post to explain why I felt I needed to make a final break from MAC but in the meantime I’ll just leave you with my Instagram from the task completed…

I’m now pinkpeonypower on Instagram, please feel free to find me there and say “Hi!”

The Year of the Rooster

Soon it will be the Chinese New Year and, as usual, MAC has a campaign to for it.

Last year for the Year of the Monkey MAC curated a Chinese Theatre themed selection of products from their permanent collection and when you purchased one if those products you received a lovely Gold envelope.  For the Year of the Rooster they have again selected products from the permanent collection to feature but they are enclosed in special red and black velveteen embossed packaging. 

The only product that I purchased from this promotion is the Year of the Rooster x9 Eye Shadow Palette.

It’s all permanent collection shades in the usual x9 sized palette.  The shades from the top left to right are:

Sweet Lust, Wedge, Mulch

Honey Lust, Girlie, Shale

Idol Eyes, Copperplate, Print

They’re all nice, wearable, every day shades.

Although the special packaging is quite nice I can’t say I feel any overwhelming urge to purchase anything else from this promotion since they are all permanent collection items.


MAC Lipscrubtious

Earlier this week I got the new Lip Scrubtious in “Sweet Vanilla” and it smells sooo yummy!!!

I’ve started using it in the mornings in my pre-makeup prep and so far it’s working really well form me.  I had been using the Bite Beauty Lip scrub because MAC didn’t have one so I was a happy camper when I saw MAC was coming out with their own.  I just hope this product stays in the MAC Collection and doesn’t get discontinued like so many MAC products tend to do.

Resplendent Reds!

​I received my first order for 2017 from MAC yesterday!

One of the items I had ordered was the 6 Editorial Reds Palette.

The shades included in this Palette starting at the top left are:

Lady Danger, On Hold

Russian Red, MAC Red

Ruby Woo, Dare You

This are all my favorite Reds in one clean and easy palette.

The Lip Brush in the photo is my 316 brush.  I live this brush because the handle twists off and becomes a cap for the brush.  This design seems to work better for me than the 318 Lip Brush, which has a retractable tube that slides up to cap the brush.


My New Year’s Resolution for 2017

I saw this Instagram from Golden Cougar on a Facebook Makeup Group page and it really resonated how I’ve been feeling after I spent a lot of money on Morphe Palettes a few months ago…

Goldencougar nailed it.  She is my Hero.  This is exactly how I feel.  

I feel like I really fell into a lot of YouTuber hype surrounding the Morphe/Morphe Brushes brand.  I wasted a lot of money on these palettes. A lot.  

Do the math.  They are about $20 a palette.

Yeh.  Crazy, right?  That pic doesn’t even include the Brushes I bought.  

I ended up giving all of these palettes to one of my daughter’s friends who aspires in Makeup Artistry.  Every single palette.  Every single brush.  I am over it!

I’m not going to spend a lot of time bashing the Morphe “Brand” (which isn’t really a brand since they are in fact Private Label products that are mass produced in China) or their method of affiliate marketing through YouTubers.  I’m just going to say, for me, I have had enough of the hype.  

My New Year’s Resolution is…I will no longer buy over hyped, limited edition, collaboration, special packaging, bullsh!T promoted, discount coded Cosmetics and the like wise.

I am officially done.

Happy New Year!!!

My Last MAC Unboxing for 2016 Part 3

To finish up this series of unboxing posts I’m going to talk about the Brushes and accessories I picked up with this order.

First the Brushes…

From left to right they are the 233, the 127 and the 188.

The 233 and 127 are both Split Fibre Brushes, meaning  the brush is 50% synthetic bristles on one side and 50% natural bristles on the other side.

These are the same brushes flipped over…

Quoting the MAC website they are…

 a special combination of 50 percent natural and 50 percent synthetic fibres. to deliver two unique results on skin: The natural side provides a soft, diffused look, while synthetic fibres fuse colour onto skin for a polished, luminous complexion. 

The brush on the right is a Duo Fibre brush that uses a combination of natural and synthetic bristles dispersed amongst each other to give a light, diffused application of product on the skin.

The last two things from this unboxing are both Brush accessories.  A bottle of Brush Cleaner and a Brush Holder…

The Brush Cleaner is sort of self explanatory, it’s used for cleaning Brushes.  I go on quite a few Makeup groups o. Facebook and I always wonder when people ask, “What do you use to clean Makeup Brushes?”… uhmmmm?…Brush Cleaner???  Even the cheap Makeup lines like ELF carry a Brush Cleaner.  Please use Brush Cleaner to clean and disinfect your Makeup Brushes.

The Brush Holder I bought to actually hold my Chromographic Pencils and , honestly, I thought it was a little on the smallish side.  On the MAC website it claims to hold 16 brushes so I decided to see if that was true.  I did in fact fit 18 brushes inside of it with 4 of the Brushes being larger handles Face brushes and the other brushes being thinner handled Eyeshadow Brushes.  I love how it “locks” closed too.  So, all in all, I’m pretty happy with this container and will be ordering a few more.

My Last MAC Unboxing for 2016 Part 2

Yesterday I received my last MAC order for 2016.  I had a chance to play with my new products last night and this morning and here are my thoughts on two of the products.

I picked up another Extra Dimension Skin Finish in “Beaming Blush”.  It’s a really lovely Pink that breaks to a Gold highlight.  It’s a smooth, creamy powder, not gritty or chunky glittery.  The gel powder formula sets on the skin giving a sheer, tinted glow.  I absolutely love it!  I had previously purchased the shade “Doublegleam” while my blog was on hiatus so I can’t say I’m too surprised that I fell instantly in love with this new one.

The other product on the right is a restock of my Bronzer in the shade “Golden”.  It’s a lovely bronzer for me this time of winter because it’s not a dark bronze, it just gives a sheer wash of warm golden tan glow.  It has a ever so slight shimmer but nothing too dramatic just enough though that I can’t really say it’s matte but it’s not super sparkling either.

Tomorrow I’ll wrap up my Unboxing posts with a write up on the Brushes and Brush accessories from this shipment 🙂